Project Blue Beam

Conspiracy Theory

Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory created by Serge Monast, a Québécois investigative journalist and conspiracy theorist, in the 1990s. The basic idea of the theory is that the United States government is going to try and use holograms and other extremely advanced technologies, that most likely don’t exist, in order to make it seem as if God had appeared on Earth. Or maybe it was to make it seem as if the Antichrist had appeared; there are a number of different stories which make it hard to find the original. For all the theory amounts to, it might even be a hologram of a flying spaghetti monster.  The alleged “goal” of Project Blue Beam was to create a “New Age religion” which would apparently allow for a new world order dictator to take power.


projec blue beam?.jpg
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From this theory have come many related theories about different was the government would try to fool the planet. Stem theories include the use of weather controlling technology to create natural disasters, or even the use of holograms to create a fake alien invasion. Many different websites have “evidence” or claims of their own or just completely contrasting explanations as to how Project Blue Beam will work. There is one site that has “actual” (not really actual… or is it?) video of whale hologram in a school gymnasium. Isn’t it amazing how this “whale hologram” is going to make the entire world change their beliefs and give power over to one person? (I said with a sarcastic voice)

Where Have I Heard This Before?

If you are anything like me, you could possibly be getting a weird sense of Deja vu right now. Don’t worry, that isn’t the remnants of old memories that the government tried to wipe from your mind, you probably just watched Star Trek. One of the first things that came to mind for me when I read this was its striking similarity to “Star Trek: The Final Frontier”. I would personally find it hilarious George Murdock’s giant, transparent, face appeared around the world. Obviously I don’t believe any part of this theory. It is almost an almost commercial idea spread by people with a fear of and no understanding of today’s technology.


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